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Sanskrit Tattoos Designs, Ideas and Meaning

November 16th 2013

Sanskrit tattoos are the in-thing nowadays as they look quite exotic and different. Said to be the language of the Gods according to the ancient Vedic tradition, it has been used in the creation of numerous religious texts and scriptures. For hundreds of years, the Hindu culture and its rich heritage has fascinated people from all corners of the world. Many have even visited the land in search of peace and salvation. People often love sporting the Vedic deities and symbols in the form of lockets, rosaries, amulets and tattoos due to their awe-inspiring quality. It is thus no wonder that Sanskrit tattoos are highly regarded among the masses. Inspirational hymns, verses, words and religious symbols from Sanskrit literature comprise the range of these tattoos. People sporting them believe that tattoos like Swastika and Om exude a positive vibration that contributes to their overall well being.

Sanskrit Arm Tattoos

Sanskrit Tattoo Chest

Sanskrit Tattoo for Girls

Sanskrit Tattoo on Hand

Sanskrit Tattoos Back

Sanskrit Tattoos for Men

Sanskrit Tattoos for Mother

Sanskrit Tattoos for Parents

Sanskrit Tattoos Small

Sanskrit Tattoos

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Tattoo Sanskrit

Tattoos In Sanskrit

Sanskrit Tattoos Designs

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Sanskrit Tattoos Ideas

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Sanskrit Tattoo Meanings

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Sanskrit Tattoo Quotes

Sanskrit Tattoo

Sanskrit Tattoos and Meanings

Sanskrit Quotes For Tattoos

Sanskrit Quotes Tattoos

Sanskrit Tattoo Designs

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Sanskrit Tattoo Ideas

Pick your favorite design from the nice collection of Sanskrit tattoos presented in this site that will not only accentuate your looks but also bring you true mental peace.

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