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Indian Tattoos Designs, Ideas and Meaning

November 18th 2013

Native Indian tattoos or Indian tattoos as they are called are some of the most beautiful and meaningfully poignant tattoo designs that one can ever get. The Indians have a rich cultural heritage that is rooted in their spiritual beliefs. Hence the tattoo designs that are inspired by them are also filled with deep philosophical or religious meanings. The tattoo of the feathered headdress is one of the most common Indian tattoos. The Native Indian headdress is believed to be an extended part of the wearer’s soul. Feathers, stones, beads and animal fur were used to adorn the headdress. It symbolically represented the achievements and accomplishments of the individual wearer’s soul. The tattoo design often features an Indian old man or a maiden wearing the headdress. A skull wearing the Indian headdress is also a very popular tattoo design. Alternatively, the tattoo may be done in the form of a collage which depicts an aged Indian along with an eagle. Other frequently preferred Indian tattoo designs include dreamcatchers, wolves, buffaloes, Indian warrior with a maiden, Indian warrior with red band around the head and Indian with a horse.

Indian Chief Tattoo

Indian Girl Tattoo

Indian Tattoo Sleeve

Indian Tattoos for Females

Indian Tattoos for Guys

Indian Tattoos on Arm

Indian Tattoos on Hand

Indian Tribal Tattoos

Indian Woman Tattoo

Cherokee Indian Tattoo Designs

Cherokee Indian Tribal Tattoos

Cool Indian Tattoos

Indian Feather Tattoo Designs

Indian Feather Tattoo

Indian Hand Tattoo

Indian Head Tattoo

Indian Head Tattoos

Indian Ink Tattoo

Indian Skull Tattoo

Indian Skull Tattoos

Indian Tattoo Designs

Indian Tattoo Ideas

Indian Tattoo Meanings

Indian Tattoo

Indian Tattoos and Meanings

Indian Tattoos Designs

Indian Tattoos For Girls

Indian Tattoos For Women

Indian Tattoos For Men

Indian Tattoos On Hands

Indian Tattoos

Indian Warrior Tattoo

Indian Warrior Tattoos

Indian Women Tattoos

Indians Tattoos

Traditional Indian Tattoos

Traditional Indian Tattoo

Tattoos Indian

Tattoo Indian

The Indian tattoos presented in this site beautifully capture the wildness and otherworldly serenity so frequently associated with the Native Indians.

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