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Cancer Tattoos Designs, Ideas and Meaning

November 18th 2013

Cancer or The Crab is the fourth sign of the zodiac wheel and the first of the three water signs. Individuals born between June 21st and July 22nd are thus said to be Cancerians. It is a cardinal sign and people born under it are known to be very romantic and dreamy, nurturing, often tending to be very creative, imaginative and somewhat shy around strangers. The sign is also associated with the moon and motherhood, and as such both Cancerian men and women feel a strong attachment towards their mothers. Cancerians usually tend to be good dressers and they also love to deck up their looks by sporting tattoos that depict their zodiac sign. Some of the symbols that are most frequently used in Cancer tattoos include the crab, the moon, the number 69 written sideways, the constellation of Cancer and designs that depict water such as river or rain. Quite often the number 69 is combined with the image of the crab in various innovative ways. Other popular designs include tribal cancer tattoos and Celtic cancer tattoos.

Cancer Symbol Tattoo

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Cancer Tattoos Ideas

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The Cancer zodiac tattoos presented here are some of the finest on the internet. So go ahead and pick one that suits your tastes perfectly.

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