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Tiger Chest Tattoo Designs, Ideas and Meaning

November 24th 2017

The tiger is the most majestic and powerful animal in the world. The black and yellow stripes can send chills through anyone’s spine just on its sight. The tiger is a symbol of sheer power, strength, royalty, dominance and sexual prowess. It is the ultimate sign of masculinity, and hence the Tiger Chest tattoo is immensely popular among the men. They come in brilliant designs with a raw power appeal. You can opt for a head design or an entire tiger which is drawn right from shoulder to the center of the chest. The designs are just charismatic which induces a real machismo in the men after wearing them.

Tiger Chest Tattoo Designs

Tiger Chest Tattoo for Men

Tiger Chest Tattoo Images

Tiger Chest Tattoo Ideas

Tiger Head Chest Tattoo

Traditional Tiger Chest Tattoo

Tiger Chest Tattoo Photos

Tiger Chest Tattoo Pictures

Tiger Chest Tattoo

Tiger Chest Tattoos

Tiger on Chest Tattoo

Tiger Tattoo Chest

Tiger Tattoo on Chest

Tiger Tattoos on Chest

Tribal Tiger Chest Tattoo

White Tiger Chest Tattoo

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