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Lion Tattoo On Chest Designs, Ideas and Meaning

December 22nd 2017

Lion tattoos on the chest are something different compared to having lion tattoos in other places of the body. The chest is where the heart lies and having an image of the face of a roaring lion in the region will undoubtedly make an impact on your overall image. It will certainly lend a dashing touch to your personality. People will be in awe when you lay bare your chest. Although the tattoos are more masculine, however, both men and women can go for it. You can get a large tattoo as there is ample space in the chest region. There are numerous designs to opt from.

Chest Lion Tattoo

Chest Lion Tattoos

Chest Tattoos Lion

Lion Chest Tattoo

Lion Chest Tattoos

Lion Face Tattoos on Chest

Lion Head Chest Tattoo

Lion on Chest Tattoo

Lion Tattoo Chest

Lion Tattoo on Chest for Girls

Lion Tattoo on Chest for Men

Lion Tattoo on Chest for Women

Lion Tattoo on Chest

Lion Tattoos Chest

Lion Tattoos on Chest

Lion with Crown Tattoo on Chest

Roaring Lion Tattoo on Chest

Tribal Lion Chest Tattoo

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