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Leopard Tattoos Designs, Ideas and Meaning

February 20th 2014

Leopards are magnificent creatures of the wild which are feared and respected by all. They are mean hunters, known for their great speed and exceptional agility. Leopards have distinctive pattern in their fur which is nice to look at and has become a fashion statement in recent times. From ancient times, mankind has been completely fascinated with leopards. African folklore depicts that leopards are not only fierce and brutal hunters but also deceitful and cunning animals. Although the world perceives leopard as a fierce, wild and merciless animal, it also defines lots of positive traits like intelligence, peace, brute strength, protection and guardianship. Leopard tattoos can be designed to portray a tribal motif that can symbolize honor and respect for traditions. They can also be designed in a manner to show off the beautiful spots of the feline or its glistening eyes.

Leopard Tattoo Arm

Leopard Tattoo Drawings

Leopard Tattoo Small

Leopard Tattoos for Females

Leopard Tattoos for Girls

Leopard Tattoos on Shoulder

Leopard Tattoo Pictures

Leopard Tattoo Design

Leopard Tattoo Designs Women

Leopard Tattoo

Leopard Tattoo Designs

Leopard Tattoos Designs

Leopard Tattoos

Leopard Tattoo For Women

Leopard Tattoo Ideas

Leopard Thigh Tattoo

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