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Cat Tattoos Designs, Ideas and Meaning

November 4th 2013

Cat tattoos are quite popular among people who are really fond of these furry little creatures. Sometimes people choose these tattoos as a remembrance for their favorite feline friend who has passed away; at other times it may actually be a symbol of the frisky nature of the wearer. Cat tattoos vary greatly in their styles. You may choose to have a cat tattoo that depicts the feline chasing after something. Alternatively you can choose to wear a tattoo that shows a minimalistic image of a cat’s face. A little kitty tattoo with detailed work that focuses on the intricacies of its fur is also a very popular form of cat tattoo. A cat tattoo may depict the full body of a cat, or it may just show the head part. Sometimes people may also prefer having a cartoonish cat tattoo that shows the silhouette of the feline from a distance without any prominent eyes or facial features. Other interesting cat tattoos include the Cheshire cat and a cat playing with flowers.

Cat Tattoo Sleeve

Cat Tattoos for Girls

Cat Tattoos for Men

Cat Tattoos for Women

Cat Tattoos on Wrist

Tattoo Cat

Tattooed Cats

Tattooed Cat

Tattoos of Cats

Tribal Cat Tattoo

Pictures of Cat Tattoos

Simple Cat Tattoos

Pussy Cat Tattoo

Small Cat Tattoo

Small Cat Tattoos

Cool Cat Tattoo

Cool Cat Tattoos

Cute Cat Tattoos

Fat Cat Tattoo

Lucky Cat Tattoo

Cat Tattoos Designs

Cat Tattoos Pictures

Cat Tattoos

Cats Tattoo

Cheshire Cat Tattoo

Cat Tattoo Designs

Cat Tattoo Ideas

Cat Tattoo Meaning

Cat Tattoo

Cat Face Tattoos

Cat Face Tattoo

Cat Paw Print Tattoo

Cat Skull Tattoo

Cat Portrait Tattoo

Big Cat Tattoos

Black Cat Tatto Designs

Black Cat Tattoo

Cat Eye Tattoos

Cat Eyes Tattoo

The cat tattoos presented here stand out in their design and color patterns, thus allowing the wearer to make a cool style statement.

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