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Buddhist Tattoos Designs, Ideas and Meaning

December 17th 2013

Buddhist tattoos are tattoo designs that explore various themes and ideas related to Gautama Buddha and the religion of Buddhism in general. Buddhism is among the oldest religions in the world. Buddhism focuses on the elimination of sorrow and suffering by attaining detachment from worldly pleasures. It is only by adherence to certain strict disciplines which include meditation and detachment that one can attain moksha or pure bliss. Buddhist tattoos are often preferred by many due to their association with ideas such as enlightenment, divine inspiration and inner bliss. Buddhist tattoos generally depict the image of the Buddha in varying forms, which carries a sense of calm serenity. The Buddha may be surrounded by additional decorative elements such as the lotus flower, Sanskrit slokas, a heavenly light or aura, or images that depict a garden or a tree. The tattoos designs are known to create a very exotic, mysterious and creative aura and carry a lot of symbolic meanings.

Buddhist Tattoo Drawings

Buddhist Tattoo Hand

Buddhist Tattoo Sleeve

Buddhist Tattoos for Girls

Buddhist Tattoos for Girls

Traditional Buddhist Tattoos

Thai Buddhist Tattoos

Buddhist Tattoos

Buddhist Tattoos Ideas

Buddhist Tattoos Designs

Buddhist Tattoo Designs

Buddhist Tattoo Ideas

Buddhist Tattoo

Buddhist Tattoos and Meanings

Buddhist Symbol Tattoos

Buddhist Lotus Flower Tattoo

Buddhist Lotus Tattoo

Buddhist Lotus Tattoos

Buddhist Om Symbol Tattoo

Buddhist Religious Tattoos

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