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Bear Tattoos Designs, Ideas and Meaning

November 24th 2013

Bear tattoos are a popular form of body art among tattoo aficionados all over the world. These tattoos not only look dynamic and awe-inspiring but carry deep symbolic meanings as well. The bear has been traditionally considered as an important animal in many cultures around the world. The Native American tribes such as the Pueblo people and the Sioux Indians used to believe that the bear has many magical powers, such as those of the wind. In some traditions, they are even associated with healing powers. Bears are also linked with persistence, courage, observation, invulnerability, protection, nurturance, confidence, earth and creativity. Bear tattoos vary greatly in their styles, designs and color patterns as there are numerous types of bear species in the world, such as the polar bear, the grizzly bear and the Kodiak bear. Bear tattoos can be used to express the qualities of gentleness and nobleness as well as the contradictory traits of fierceness. The Germans and Celts have traditionally associated the bear symbol with bravery and warfare. These tattoos can be worn in various ways, such as bear claw tattoos, tribal bear claw tattoos, Celtic bear claw tattoos, the panda, the koala bear, the grizzly bear as well as the calm and watchful bear.

Bear Chest Tattoo

Bear Tattoo Simple

Bear Tattoo Small

Bear Tattoos for Girls

Bear Tattoos for Guys

Bear Tattoos for Men

Bear Tattoos for Women

Bear Tattoos Forearm

Bear Tattoos Ideas

Bear Tattoos on Arm

Cute Bear Tattoo

Teddy Bear Tattoos

Traditional Bear Tattoo

Tribal Bear Tattoo Designs

Tribal Bear Tattoo

Tribal Bear Tattoos

Pooh Bear Tattoo Designs

Pictures of Bear Tattoos

Pictures of Bear Tattoo

Panda Bear Tattoos

Bear Tribal Tattoo

Grizzly Bear Tattoos

Black Bear Tattoo Designs

Black Bear Tattoo

Black Bear Tattoos

Care Bear Tattoo Designs

Bear Tattoos

Bear Tattoos Pictures

Bear Tattoos For Men

Bear Tattoo

Bear Tattoo Pictures

Bear Skull Tattoo

Bear Tattoo Meaning

Bear Tattoo Images

Bear Tattoo Designs

Bear Tattoo Photos

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