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Swallow Tattoos Designs, Ideas and Meaning

October 29th 2013

Swallow tattoos are some of the oldest known tattoo arts. They have been in practice since the ancient times and are still popular today. Swallow tattoos were quite common among sailors as observing these birds while at sea indicated that land is nearby. Hence swallows were considered as symbols of good omen. Swallows were also associated with the Goddess Aphrodite in Greek and Roman mythology. In Christian faith, swallows used to represent the ideas of resurrection and rebirth. These birds have also been closely associated with a host of other symbolic ideas and qualities, such as hope, strength, success, abundance, youth, love, devotion, freedom and spiritedness. Swallow tattoos can vary greatly in their style, design and coloration and can be worn on various parts of the body.

Swallow Tattoos for Females

Swallow Tattoos on Hands

Swallow Tattoos on Neck

Barn Swallow Tattoo

Swallow Tattoo Meaning

Swallow Tattoo Pictures

Swallow Tattoo

Swallow Tattoos Bird

Swallow Tattoos Images

Swallow Tattoo Images

Swallow Tattoo For Men

Swallow Tattoo Designs

Swallow Tattoo Design

Swallow Foot Tattoo

Swallow Bird Tattoo

Swallow Bird Tattoo Pictures

Swallow Bird Tattoos

Swallow Birds Tattoos

Swallow Chest Tattoo

Coloured Swallow Tattoo

The swallow tattoo ideas presented here offer you ample ways to express your inner beauty.

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