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Sun and Moon Tattoo Designs, Ideas and Meaning

January 25th 2018

The sun and the moon have occurred countless times in visual arts, poetry, and literature and in other areas in human history. In most cultures throughout the world, the sun is a masculine figure symbolizing strength and power while the moon is viewed as a feminine figure representing calmness and beauty. The sun and the moon denote the contrasting things of nature like day and night, darkness and light and male and female. The sun and moon tattoos express the merging of opposites. The tattoos represent the basic principles of life – the coexistence of good and bad. It also signifies the fact that every human being has a dark side and a bright side. Before opting for sun and moon tattoos it is always better to learn about the meanings behind the tattoos. There are a lot of artistic designs to choose from. The tattoos are of varying sizes from small to medium to moderately large. And you can wear it in any part of your body.

Aztec Sun and Moon Tattoo

Matching Sun and Moon Tattoos

Moon and Sun Tattoo

Moon and Sun Tattoos

Simple Sun and Moon Tattoo

Sun and Moon Ankle Tattoos

Sun and Moon Best Friend Tattoos

Sun and Moon Couple Tattoos

Sun and Moon Foot Tattoo

Sun and Moon Mandala Tattoo

Sun and Moon Matching Tattoo

Sun and Moon Symbol Tattoo

Sun and Moon Tattoo Designs

Sun and Moon Tattoo Ideas

Sun and Moon Tattoo on Feet

Sun and Moon Tattoo Small

Sun and Moon Tattoo Small

Sun and Moon Tattoo Small

Sun and Moon Tattoos for Women

Sun and Moon Tattoos

Sun and Moon Thigh Tattoo

Sun and Moon Tribal Tattoo

Sun and The Moon Tattoo

Sun and The Moon Tattoo

Tattoos Sun and Moon

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