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Shamrock Tattoos Designs, Ideas and Meaning

December 6th 2013

The Shamrock is a very important symbol in the spiritual belief system of Celtic and Irish people. It consists of three leaves and looks quite similar to another Celtic symbol known as four leaf clover, which consists of four leaves. For centuries, the Shamrock has been revered as sacred by the ancient Celtic people. During the early centuries of Celtic Christianity, the Shamrock symbolized resurrection and the hope of a new life. It is also known to symbolize life in general, and people who have a positive attitude towards life and like to embrace it often choose to wear this motif as a tattoo design. Shamrock is also said to represent the Holy Trinity of Father, Son and the Holy Ghost. As such, the Shamrock is often sported as tattoo designs that are both beautiful as well as poignant with inner meaning. It is often portrayed with Celtic knots which makes the design very interesting to look at. Another popular way of doing a Shamrock tattoo is in the Tribal style. One can also include a Celtic cross in a Shamrock tattoo to make it look more spiritual.

Black Shamrock Tattoo

Celtic Shamrock Tattoos

Images of Shamrock Tattoos

Little Shamrock Tattoos

Shamrock Hand Tattoo

Shamrock Tattoo on Wrist

Shamrock Tattoo with Names

Shamrock Tattoos for Girls

Shamrock Tattoos for Guys

Shamrock Tattoos on Foot

Tattoos Shamrock

Tattoos of Shamrocks

Small Shamrock Tattoo

Shamrock Tattoos

Shamrock Tattoos Meaning

Shamrock Tattoo Pictures

Shamrock Tattoo

Shamrock Tattoos Designs

Shamrock Tattoos For Men

Shamrock Tattoos For Women

Shamrock Tattoo Meaning

Shamrock Tattoo Images

Shamrock Tattoo Ideas

Shamrock Tattoo Designs

Shamrock Foot Tattoos

Celtic Shamrock Tattoo Designs

Celtic Shamrock Tattoo

Celtic Shamrock Tattoos For Men

Pictures of Shamrock Tattoos

Cool Shamrock Tattoos

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