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Samoan Tattoos Designs, Ideas and Meaning

November 6th 2013

As the name suggests, Samoan tattoos have their origin in the Polynesian culture of the Samoan people. They have a rich tradition of tattoos that go back for two millennia. The legacy of their tattoos gradually spread to the Western world after Dutch sailors first stepped on the island of Manua in 1722. Nowadays people love to sport Samoan tattoos even though not all of us would love to sit for the lengthy and painful procedure associated with these tattoos. Both the men’s tattoos called pe’a and women’s tattoos, known as malu were done by using teethed combs that were dipped in the ink. Although originally done on women of rank, men within the Samoan culture also sported them to symbolize their manhood. Different Samoan symbols are used in tattooing that carry an array of meanings. Some of the most popular ones include the tiki, the turtle, shark teeth and sea shells.

Samoan Chest Tattoo

Samoan Tattoo Arm

Samoan Tattoo Drawings

Samoan Tattoo Leg

Samoan Tattoo Symbols

Samoan Tattoos Female

Samoan Tattoos for Girls

Samoan Tattoos Forearm

Small Samoan Tattoo

Samoan Tribal Tattoos

Samoans Tattoos

Traditional Samoan Tattoo

Traditional Samoan Tattoos

Tribal Samoan Tattoos

Samoan Tattoos

Samoan Tribal Tattoo

Samoan Tribal Tattoo Designs

Samoan Tribal Tattoos For Men

Samoan Tribal Tattoos For Women

Samoan Tattoo Sleeve

Samoan Tattoo Sleeves

Samoan Tattoo

Samoan Tattoos Designs

Samoan Tattoos For Women

Samoan Tattoo Meanings

Samoan Tattoo Images

Samoan Tattoo Designs

Samoan Tattoo Designs For Women

Samoan Tattoo Designs For Men

Samoan Face Tattoo

Samoan Shoulder Tattoo

Samoan Sleeve Tattoo Designs

Samoan Sleeve Tattoos

Samoan Tattoo Design

Choose among some of the finest Samoan tattoo designs presented here to accentuate your inner beauty.

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