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Rip Tattoos Designs, Ideas and Meaning

November 3rd 2013

RIP Tattoos or Rest in Peace tattoos are a great way to show one’s love and respect for the friends and loved ones who have passed away. People usually get these tattoos in memory of a loved one or a family relative, but some might prefer to sport them to remember their favorite pet or musician. Although historically popular with only men, more and more women are now choosing to get this tattoo done on their bodies. RIP tattoos come in different forms that vary in their color, size and style, and may be simple or complex. Sometimes the tattoo may only include the name of the deceased, his/her living years and the words RIP or rest in peace. It may also include the Christian symbol of cross. The tattoo can replicate the structure of a headstone, and can include motifs that represent things and objects loved by the deceased. Portrait RIP tattoos depict the image of the deceased along with words that are spoken of in loving memory. Religious RIP tattoos can include the images of angels or other spiritual figures.

Rip Brother Tattoos

Rip Grandma Tattoos

Rip Grandpa Tattoos

Rip Tattoo Drawings

Rip Tattoos for Mom

Rip Tattoos Ideas

Rip Tattoos On Forearm

Small Rip Tattoos On Wrist

Skin Rip Tattoo Designs

Skin Rip Tattoo

Skin Ripping Tattoo Designs

Skin Ripping Tattoos

Tattoo Ripped Skin

Ripped Skin Tattoos

Ripped Tattoo Designs

Ripped Tattoos

Ripping Skin Tattoo

Ripping Skin Tattoos

Rip Tattoos For Girls

Rip Tattoos For Men

Rip Tattoos

Rip Tattoos For Women

Ripped Skin Tattoo Designs

Rip Tattoo Ideas

Rip Tattoo Quotes

Rip Tattoo

Rip Tattoos Designs

Rip Tattoos For Dad

Rip Skin Tattoos

Rip Dad Tattoos

Rip Tattoo Designs

Rip Cross Tattoos

Rip Cross Tattoos For Men

Rip Tattoos on Arm

Choose from the diverse forms of RIP tattoos presented in this site to express your grief artistically.

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