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Rebel Flag Tattoos Designs, Ideas and Meaning

February 20th 2014

Tattoo designs for rebel flag include the color red, blue and white. The original rebel flag also known as the Confederate flag of America, was of significance during the Civil War where it was first used to represent the Southern States. Although this flag seems to represent all things southern and the traditions of the south, it often draws flak for being a symbol for racism and slavery that was rampant in the southern part of America. Despite its controversial nature, the rebel flag is one of the popular choices for tattoos amongst the tattoo lovers. It can be combined with other images like a bald eagle, a rose, a skull and swords, etc as per your choice.

Rebel Flag Tattoo Ideas

Rebel Flag Tattoos for Couples

Rebel Flag Tattoos for Females

Rebel Flag Tattoos for Girls

Rebel Flag Tattoos for Guys

Rebel Flag Tattoos for Women

Rebel Flag Tattoos on Forearm

Rebel Flag Tattoo

Rebel Flag Tattoos For Men

Rebel Flag Tattoos Men

Rebel Flag Tattoos

Rebel Flags Tattoos

Cross With Rebel Flag Tattoos

Rebel Flag Butterfly Tattoos

Rebel Flag Heart Tattoos

Rebel Flag Skull Tattoos

Rebel Flag Tattoo Designs

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