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Raven Tattoos Designs, Ideas and Meaning

December 1st 2013

Raven tattoos are quite popular among lovers of body art as they are both mysterious and beautiful. For a long time, the raven has been closely associated with ideas such as death, darkness and the unknown. Ravens have also served as an important symbolic animal in various cultures of the ancient world. A strange, magical quality was associated with them and they have been predominantly featured in Celtic culture and their artwork. Although the Celtic people often had a negative view of these birds, the Celtic raven tattoo is traditionally associated with magic, prophecy and protection. Ravens were also important to the Native American people as well as the Greeks and the Romans. The Native Americans considered ravens as a symbol of balance between the positive and negative traits in someone. The Greeks and Romans believed that ravens are linked with Apollo and Athena, and carry attributes associated with the sun. Raven tattoos can be of various types, and can depict the bird in seated positions or in flight. Sometimes a raven tattoo can also accompany other images such as those of flowers or a skull.

Black Raven Tattoo

Raven Shoulder Tattoo

Raven Tattoo Ideas

Raven Tattoo Sleeve

Raven Tattoos Back

Raven Tattoos Chest

Raven Tattoos for Girls

Raven Tattoos for Guys

Raven Tattoos for Men

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Raven Tattoo

Raven Tattoos Meaning

Raven Tattoos

Tattoo of Raven

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Raven Tattoo Meaning

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Raven Tattoo Designs

Raven Tattoo Design

Celtic Raven Tattoo Designs

Images of Raven Tattoo

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Raven Bird Tattoo

Raven Bird Tattoos

The raven tattoos presented in this site are quite dramatic and stylish in their appearance.

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