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Pirate Tattoos Designs, Ideas and Meaning

February 20th 2014

Pirate tattoos are the most commonly favored tattoo ideas amongst people. The fact that it is one of the most widely chosen tattoos is due to its versatility. Tattoo lovers from all across the globe find this theme fascinating and unique. A pirate tattoo can have different connotations – courage, freedom, bravery, unity, travel, loyalty, etc. It is often difficult to pinpoint a specific meaning for these tattoos as the implication largely depends on the wearer. Pirate tattoos can depict a wide range of images like skull and cross bones, pirate ship, pirate pin-up girl, ship wheel, skull with eye patch, etc. The image of Jack Sparrow and his ship, the Black Pearl from the popular film franchise, Pirates of the Caribbean are other popular choices for pirate tattoos.

Pirate Tattoo Ideas

Pirate Tattoos Arm

Pirate Tattoos Chest

Pirate Tattoos for Kids

Pirate Tattoos for Men

Pirate Tattoos for Women

Pirate Tattoos Simple

Pirate Tattoos Sleeve

Pirate Tattoos Small

Pirate Tattoo Font

Pirate Tattoo Images

Pirate Tattoo Pictures

Pirate Tattoo

Pirate Tattoos

Pirate Tattoo Designs

Pirate Skull Tattoos

Pirate Skull Tattoo

Pirate Ship Tattoos

Pirate Ship Tattoo

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