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Paw Print Tattoos Designs, Ideas and Meaning

November 9th 2013

Paw print tattoos are some of the most aesthetically pleasing tattoo designs that are in practice. These tattoos come in a variety of styles, and some tattoo artists can be very creative an inventive when it comes to making them. Paw print tattoos can express a wide range of meanings. They can be worn simply as a cute body art; alternatively they can serve as a memorial for some lost pet. Cat and dog paw print tattoo designs are the most prevalent forms of these tattoos. They have four finger prints at the top and a big print at the bottom. These designs are adorable, inviting and friendly, thus expressing the carefree nature of the wearer. You can choose to have just one paw as a design or like to have a number of paws which gives the impression of a walking animal. Other popular paw print tattoos include bear paws and tiger paws. Although the typical color for these tattoos is black, you can also opt for colored paw prints if you like.

Paw Print Tattoo Watercolor

Paw Print Tattoo with Heart

Paw Print Tattoos on Ankle

Paw Print Tattoos on Arm

Paw Print Tattoos on Back

Paw Print Tattoos on Breast

Paw Print Tattoos on Hand

Paw Print Tattoos on Ribs

Paw Print Tattoos on Wrist

Small Paw Print Tattoo

Tattoos Paw Prints

Tribal Paw Print Tattoo

Wolf Paw Print Tattoo Designs

Wolf Paw Print Tattoo

Wolf Paw Print Tattoos

Puppy Paw Print Tattoo

Rat Paw Print Tattoo

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Paw Prints Tattoo

Paw Prints Tattoos

Pictures of Paw Print Tattoos

Paw Print Tattoo

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Paw Print Tattoos For Women

Paw Print Tattoos On Foot

Paw Print Tattoos

Paw Print Tattoo On Wrist

Paw Print Tattoo On Thigh

Paw Print Tattoo On Foot

Paw Print Tattoo On Chest

Paw Print Tattoo Meaning

Heart Paw Print Tattoo

Lion Paw Print Tattoo

Paw Print Heart Tattoo

Paw Print Tattoo Designs

Paw Print Tattoo Ideas

Dog Paw Print Tattoo

Dog Paw Print Tattoo Designs

Cute Paw Print Tattoos

Cat Paw Print Tattoo

Bear Paw Print Tattoo

This site features a fine collection of paw print tattoo ideas that are sure to look cool on your body.

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