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Owl Tattoos Designs, Ideas and Meaning

October 12th 2013

Owl tattoos are very interesting as they convey multiple layers of hidden meanings. Although not considered to be a mainstream tattoo by many, owl tattoos are currently becoming very popular and they can be worn by both sexes. These tattoos are very symbolic in nature as owls are traditionally associated with wisdom and learning. In some cultures, the owl has also been considered as the guardian and protector of the dead. Owls are also believed to be able to communicate with the dead. They have been aptly called the “Angel of Death” for this very reason. Owl tattoos are also known to symbolize freedom and vision. Owl tattoos vary greatly in styles, designs and color patterns. Sometimes they are also combined with a number of other symbols to further elaborate its depth of meaning.

Owl Tattoo Drawing

Owl Tattoo Forearm

Owl Tattoos for Guys

Owl Tattoos on Arm

Owl Tattoos on Thigh

Tattoos of Owls

Traditional Owl Tattoo

Tribal Owl Tattoos

White Owl Tattoo

Tribal Owl Tattoo

Pictures of Owl Tattoos

Simple Owl Tattoo

Small Owl Tattoo

Small Owl Tattoos

Tattoo Owl

Owl Tattoos For Men

Owl Tattoos Tumblr

Owl Tattoos For Women

Owl Tattoos

Owls Tattoos

Owl Tattoo Images

Owl Tattoo Meaning

Owl Tattoo

Owl Tattoos Designs

Owl Tattoos For Girls

Owl Skull Tattoo

Owl Sleeve Tattoo

Owl Tattoo Design

Owl Tattoo Designs

Owl Tattoo Ideas

Night Owl Tattoo

Mystic Owl Tattoo

Owl Chest Tattoo

Owl Chest Tattoos

Owl Feather Tattoo

Owl Tattoos on Wrist

The owl tattoos depicted above are rich in their meaning and essence, and so can be worn to express a variety of human emotions.

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