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Ouroboros Tattoos Designs, Ideas and Meaning

December 7th 2013

One of the most well known spiritual symbols that have been adapted as a popular body art during the modern times is the Ourboros. Depicted as a serpent or a dragon that is eating its own tail, the Ouroboros symbolizes the ever-running cycles of life and death. It is also held as a symbol of unity, infinity, reincarnation, renewal and creation that follows destruction. The Ouroboros is quite common in various myths and religions of different ancient cultures throughout the world. However, it was in ancient Egypt where the symbol of Ouroboros was first used. People often prefer wearing this symbol as a cool tattoo art due to the positive meanings associated with it as well as the dynamic look it creates. Ouroboros tattoos come in different styles and designs; one can also experiment with a variety of colors while having them tattooed on their skin. The symbol of Ouroboros can be drawn in Celtic, Aztec or Mayan theme; some even prefer having this tattoo with an additional star and wings.

Ouroboros Tattoo Arm

Ouroboros Tattoo Forearm

Ouroboros Tattoo Shoulder

Ouroboros Tattoo Simple

Ouroboros Tattoo Pictures

Ouroboros Tattoo

Ouroboros Tattoos Images

Ouroboros Tattoos Pictures

Ouroboros Tattoo On Wrist

Ouroboros Tattoos

Ouroboros Tattoo On Sleeve

Ouroboros Tattoo Meaning

Ouroboros Tattoo Images

Ouroboros Tattoo For Men

Ouroboros Chest Tattoo

Ouroboros Dragon Tattoo

Ouroboros Sleeve Tattoo

Ouroboros Tattoo Design

Ouroboros Tattoo Designs

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