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Orchid Tattoos Designs, Ideas and Meaning

November 22nd 2013

Orchids are very beautiful flowers that are often chosen as popular tattoo symbols. Although orchid tattoos are mostly worn by women, men can also be seen sporting them from time to time. These tattoo designs come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Some of the most predominant colors observed in orchid tattoos are pink, red, orange, yellow and blue. Besides being very good looking, they also frequently carry deep meanings. Orchids have been especially important in the Asian cultures. These flowers are often associated with sexuality and fertility and are said to represent the sexual organs of men and women. The Greeks revered these flowers and referred to them as “Flowers of Magnificence”. In countries such as China, Egypt and Germany, the orchids were believed to have the qualities of aphrodisiacs or love potions. The Aztecs associated these flowers with the qualities of strength and power. Other ideas that can be represented by these tattoos include beauty, refinement, virility, luxury, death, harmony, royalty, innocence, elegance, purity, delicateness and mystery.

Black Orchid Tattoo

Orchid Tattoo Shoulder

Orchid Tattoos for Guys

Orchid Tattoos on Arm

Orchid Tattoos on Thigh

Orchid Tattoos on Wrist

Orchid Tattoos Small

Orchid Tattoos with Names

Watercolor Orchid Tattoo

Orchid Tattoos Black and Grey

Pictures of Orchids For Tattoos

Orchid Tattoos Pictures

Orchid Tattoos

Orchids Tattoos Pictures

Orchids Tattoos

Pictures of Orchid Tattoos

Orchid Tattoo Meaning

Orchid Tattoo Pictures

Orchid Tattoo

Orchid Tattoos Designs

Orchid Tattoos For Women

Orchid Foot Tattoos

Orchid Flower Tattoo Pictures

Orchid Flower Tattoo

Orchid Tattoo Designs For Women

Orchid Tattoo Designs

Orchid Flower Tattoos Designs

Orchid Flower Tattoos

Orchid Tattoo Ideas

Orchid Tattoo Images

Orchid Flowers Tattoos

Blach Orchid Tattoo

Orchid Flower Tattoo Design

Blue Orchid Tattoo

Orchid Flower Tattoo Designs

Orchid Flower Tattoo Meaning

The orchid tattoos presented above are sure to look good on you no matter where you choose to wear them.

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