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Ohana Tattoo Designs, Ideas and Meaning

August 25th 2017

As per the Hawaiian culture, Ohana means family in a broad sense of the term including blood–relations, adoptive as well as extended family and friends. The concept stresses on the family as a unit that sticks together and members are supportive of one another. It also emphasizes that no one is left behind or forgotten. Sporting a tattoo of this sort signifies that you are a family oriented person or that you have close friends who you consider to be your family. The tattoos look very elegant and polished. The designs are simple and come in impressive colors. The ohana tattoos include the written word “Ohana”. These tattoos denote dedication, honor, loyalty, and eventually love.

Hawaiian Ohana Tattoos

Images of Ohana Tattoo

Ohana Tattoo for Men

Ohana Tattoo on Foot

Ohana Tattoo on Wrist

Ohana Tattoo with Arrow

Ohana Tattoo with Stitch

Ohana Tattoo with Turtle

Ohana Tattoos for Guys

Ohana Tattoos for Women

Ohana Foot Tattoo

Ohana Infinity Tattoo

Ohana Tattoo Designs

Ohana Tattoo Ideas

Ohana Tattoo Images

Ohana Tattoo Photos

Ohana Tattoo Pictures

Ohana Tattoo with Flower

Ohana Tattoo

Ohana Tattoos

Tattoo Ohana

Tattoos of Ohana

Tattoos Ohana

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