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Money Tattoos Designs, Ideas and Meaning

December 14th 2013

Although some might scoff at the materialistic culture of the modern era, it is no doubt that money is the principal force that drives the world at present. It is the prime mode of transaction that is used in most situations, and the medium which can help us to buy all forms of material comforts. As each and every country develops their own designs for their national currency, there is an immense level of creativity involved in the making of various forms of money used in different parts of the world. Money is also a very common theme when it comes to meaningful tattoo designs. People choose to wear money tattoos for expressing various ideas such as the status and prestige money can bring to them or the overall importance of money and buying power in their lives. Money tattoos come in different styles; one may wear a design that has currency notes curled in the shape of a rose or have a single note with the image of Benjamin Franklin on it. Other popular designs for money tattoos include the dollar sign, the words “strictly business” shown with the dollar sign, a lucky penny, money on fire and the word “cash” tattooed on the knuckles.

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This site features a number of cool money tattoo ideas for you to try on.

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