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Lotus Finger Tattoo Designs, Ideas and Meaning

August 28th 2017

The lotus flower is known for its stunning beauty. Flowers are very much favored as a tattoo. The beauty of the lotus flower makes it an extremely popular choice for a tattoo. Lotus has its own spiritual meaning and symbolism. The lotus flower is associated with beauty, fertility, eternity and prosperity. Lotus tattoo on fingers will turn out to be a body art. In Hinduism and Buddhism, lotus flower denotes different interpretations. In Hinduism, the lotus flower depicts a wise and spiritually enlightened person. In Buddhism, different colors of the lotus flower represent different meanings, like the pink lotus is considered a true lotus while a blue lotus represents the triumph of spirit over wisdom. Keeping all this in mind, you can choose a lotus finger tattoo without any hiccups. The lotus finger tattoos are small to be able to get fitted on the fingers. The tattoos look elegant and pure.

Images of Lotus Finger Tattoo

Lotus Finger Tattoo Images

Lotus Finger Tattoo Photos

Lotus Finger Tattoo Pictures

Lotus Finger Tattoo

Lotus Finger Tattoos

Lotus Flower Finger Tattoo

Photos of Lotus Finger Tattoo

Pictures of Lotus Finger Tattoo

Lotus Tattoo on finger

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