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Lighthouse Tattoos Designs, Ideas and Meaning

February 24th 2014

The deep symbolism of lighthouse tattoos makes them quite popular among different communities. The lighthouse as a symbol represents hope, safety and guidance. This tattoo can be of importance to people who have been looking for a direction in life. There are lots of variations in this type of tattoos like the images of a lighthouse with other nautical images, lighthouse with seagulls, starfish, mermaids, sea-horse, etc. Lighthouse tattoos are common among sailors and fishermen. It denotes protection, warning, inspiration, faith, home and destiny. Having numerous different connotations, the exact meaning of one’s tattoo solely depends on the wearer.

Lighthouse Sleeve Tattoo

Lighthouse Tattoo Designs

Lighthouse Tattoo Flash

Lighthouse Tattoo Images

Lighthouse Tattoo Meaning

Lighthouse Tattoo Pictures

Lighthouse Tattoo

Lighthouse Tattoos Design

Lighthouse Tattoos Images

Lighthouse Tattoos Picture

Lighthouse Tattoos Pictures

Lighthouse Tattoos

Tattoos of Lighthouses

Traditional Lighthouse Tattoo

Lighthouse Tattoos for Girls

Traditional Lighthouse Tattoos

Lighthouse Tattoos for Guys

Lighthouse Tattoos for Men

Lighthouse Tattoos for Women

Lighthouse Tattoos Forearm

Lighthouse Tattoos Simple

Lighthouse Tattoos Small

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