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Latin Tattoos Designs, Ideas and Meaning

February 24th 2014

Latin tattoos are the most preferred tattoo style amongst tattoo lovers. Latin, though now extinct, was once the universal language. Latin phrases denoting deep expressions, emotions or name of a loved one are popular when it comes to tattoo choices. Film actors, celebrity footballers, all prefer Latin phrases as choice for tattoo. Latin phrases on topics like life, existence, dream, hardships and struggle mostly feature on such tattoos. You can try a phrase of your choice in artistically and ornamentally designed letters. Frequently used phrases in this type of tattoo are: ‘carpe diem’ which means seize the day, ‘luceat lux vestra’ which means let your light shine, ‘temet nosce’ which means know thyself, ‘veritas lux mea’ which means truth is my light, ‘veni, vidi, vici’ which means “I came, I saw, I conquered”.

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