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Lantern Tattoo Designs, Ideas and Meaning

September 30th 2017

The lantern is the source of light paving the way from darkness to light. A single person holding a lantern shows the light to many. He is the torchbearer. These reasons have contributed in making lantern a cherished tattoo art. Wayfarers, sailors, lighthouse, and inn-keepers all use their lanterns to evade darkness. A lantern tattoo signifies a leader, protector and a sustained ray of hope in a dark world. The lantern tattoos comprise of innumerable designs and some come in varied colors. The sizes of the tattoos are moderately large. Bearing all this in mind, you can consider sporting a lantern tattoo.

Broken Lantern Tattoo

Black Lantern Tattoo

Images of Lantern Tattoo

Lantern Tattoo Designs

Lantern Tattoo Images

Lantern Tattoo Photos

Lantern Tattoo Pictures

Lantern Tattoo

Lantern Tattoos

Pictures of Lantern Tattoo

Small Lantern Tattoo

Traditional Lantern Tattoo

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