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Lace Tattoos Designs, Ideas and Meaning

November 23rd 2013

Lace tattoos are a trend that is fast catching up among lovers of elegant tattoo designs. They are simultaneously simple, beautiful and sexy, and can be worn in a number of ways. A simple design of a lace garter can be sported around the upper thigh. This can be further complemented by adding a dangling chained locket or some shaded pearls which will make the design look even more beautiful. Lace texture can also be employed to create other striking designs of flowers, birds and animals. Even tribal symbols can be depicted by lace. Another popular tattoo design is a lace bow done on the shoulder blade. One can also choose to sport lace hearts on different parts of the body such as the hip, ankle, forearms, hands and neck. Some lace tattoo designs such as laced peacock and floral patterns appear like full corsets and are notable for their detailed work.

Lace Tattoo Drawing

Lace Tattoo Ideas

Lace Tattoo Thigh

Lace Tattoos for Girls

Lace Tattoos on Arm

Lace Tattoos on Legs

Lace Tattoos on Shoulder

Lace Tattoos on Stomach

Lace Tattoos Under Breast

Lace Tattoos with Flowers

Lace Tattoos Picture

Lace Tattoos Pictures

Lace Tattoos

Pictures of Lace Tattoo

White Lace Tattoo

Lace Tattoo

Lace Tattoo Sleeve

Lace Tattoo On Hand

Lace Tattoo On Face

Lace Tattoo Designs

Images of Lace Tattoo

Lace Bow Tattoo

Lace Bow Tattoos

Lace Garter Tattoo

Lace Heart Tattoo

Pick your favorite from the cool lace tattoo designs presented in this site to go along with your overall look.

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