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Key Tattoos Designs, Ideas and Meaning

November 14th 2013

Key tattoos are a unique form of tattoo design bearing numerous symbolic meanings. It is widely popular among both men and women. Key tattoos can be sported alone or they can be combined with various other elements and symbols. Keys are an essential part of our day to day lives. They are used to open locks, open doors or any other object that is locked. Alternatively, keys are also used to lock things. Hence key tattoos are used to convey a broad range of symbolic meanings such as mystery, freedom, a sense of purpose, imagination, possibility, opportunity, imprisonment, responsibility, capability, fantasy, secretiveness, security, ownership and the unknown. Key tattoos can be done in a number of ways. While one may choose to wear only a single key as a tattoo, a lock and key design is also equally popular. Other symbols such as stars, ribbons, hearts and chains can also be incorporated in a key tattoo design. A very popular design is one where the key is drawn as a part of a bracelet, anklet or a necklace. A heart-shaped lock with a key tattoo can have a romantic connotation. A skeleton key or a key with feathers are also popular choices for tattoo designs.

Key Tattoo Drawing

Key Tattoo on Finger

Key Tattoo Simple

Key Tattoos for Guys

Key Tattoos on Hand

Key Tattoos on Wrist

Key Tattoos with Words

Skeleton Key Tattoo

Skeleton Key Tattoos

Tattoo Key

Small Key Tattoo

Tattoos of Keys

Lock and Key Tattoos

Piano Keys Tattoo

Skeleton Key Tattoo Designs

Skeleton Key Tattoo Meaning

Skeleton Key Tattoo Pictures

Key Tattoos

Key To My Heart Tattoos

Key West Tattoo

Lock and Key Tattoos Designs

Lock and Key Tattoos For Couples

Key Tattoo

Key Tattoo Meaning

Key Tattoos Designs

Key Tattoos For Girls

Key Tattoos For Women

Key Tattoo Ideas

Key Tattoo Designs

Key Heart Tattoo

Key and Locket Tattoos

Key and Lock Tattoos

Heart Lock and Key Tattoo

Heart Locket and Key Tattoo

Heart Lock and Key Tattoos

Key and Heart Tattoos

Key and Lock Tattoo

Antique Key Tattoo

Heart and Key Tattoo Designs

Heart and Key Tattoo

Heart and Key Tattoos

Heart Key Tattoo

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