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Horseshoe Tattoos Designs, Ideas and Meaning

December 13th 2013

Horseshoe tattoos are a favorite among many people who believe that it is an object or a symbol that brings good luck. Horseshoes have been counted as potent symbols of good fortune for many centuries. During the Roman times, horses were used extensively for the purposes of traveling, agriculture and warfare. This made the horses’ hooves vulnerable to damage due to friction. Thus horseshoes were developed to protect the hooves from any such damage. Due to this, horseshoes have been associated with the idea of protection for a long time. Horseshoe tattoos can also express a wide number of other concepts as well, such as success, power, fertility, magic, intuition and life. These tattoos can be worn in a number of ways. The horseshoe is mostly drawn pointing upwards and can be accompanied by a host of other images, such as four leaf clovers, stars, flames, cherries, paw prints, dices, flowers, angel wings, diamonds, as well as the words “Lucky” or “Lady Luck”.

Horseshoe Prints Tattoo

Horseshoe Tattoo on Ankle

Horseshoe Tattoo on Hip

Horseshoe Tattoo Simple

Horseshoe Tattoos Behind Ear

Horseshoe Tattoos on Foot

Horseshoe Tattoos on Wrist

Images of Horseshoe Tattoos

Traditional Horseshoe Tattoo

Pictures of Horseshoe Tattoos

Small Horseshoe Tattoo Designs

Small Horseshoe Tattoo

Small Horseshoe Tattoos

Tattoo Horseshoe

Horseshoes Tattoos

Horseshoe Tattoos

Horseshoe Tattoos For Women

Horseshoe Tattoos For Girls

Horseshoe Tattoos Designs

Blue Horseshoe Tattoo

Horseshoe Tattoo Designs

Horseshoe Tattoo Ideas

Horseshoe Tattoo Meaning

Horseshoe Tattoo

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