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Hope Tattoos Designs, Ideas and Meaning

February 20th 2014

Hope represents a feeling of expectation and a desire for something. Hope is fundamental to the existence of humans; without it, the world would not have been where it is today. Hope tattoos are very popular among both men and women as they symbolize the zeal to keep on living whatever the circumstances. People can get this tattoo for various reasons like battling or surviving cancer, celebrating life, overcoming hardships, or just for the sake of liking the word ‘hope’. Hope tattoos can have variations – it can be interwoven with different words like faith, love, dream, etc., it can be an ambigram with other words, it can also be intertwined with images of musical notes like clef. Other variations include images like silhouettes of birds, butterflies, symbols like anchor, infinity, cancer ribbons, combined with the word.

Hope Tattoo on Finger

Hope Tattoo Symbol

Hope Tattoos for Guys

Hope Tattoos for Men

Hope Tattoos for Women

Hope Tattoos Forearm

Hope Tattoos on Hand

Hope Tattoos on Wrist

Hope Tattoos

Hope Tattoo Designs

Hope Tattoos Ideas

Hope Infinity Tattoo

Hope Foot Tattoo

Hope Tattoo

Hope Tattoo On Foot

Faith Hope Love Tattoos

Faith Hope Love Tattoo

Hope Tattoo Gallery

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