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Guitar Tattoos Designs, Ideas and Meaning

February 24th 2014

Though mostly associated with musicians and singers, guitar tattoos are often the most preferred choice for a tattoo design. Guitars symbolically represent the world of music and the love for the same. People who play music, sing or have a passion for music generally go for a guitar tattoo. Many people choose to go for this tattoo to honor a musician who has passed away. There are a variety of motifs and images to choose from to embellish the tattoo. The ornamental supporting image depends from person to person and on the gender of the wearer. Girls often go for symbols like hearts, musical notes, butterflies, cherries, four-leaf clovers, stars, and wings whereas men tend to go for more rough and aggressive images like skull, flames and snakes.

Guitar Tattoo Designs For Men

Guitar Tattoo on Wris

Guitar Tattoo Simple

Guitar Tattoo Simple

Guitar Tattoos on Arm

Guitar Tattoos on Forearm

Guitar Tattoos on Hand

Cool Guitar Tattoos

Guitar Music Tattoo Designs

Guitar Tattoo Designs For Men

Guitar Tattoo Designs

Guitar Tattoo For Men

Guitar Tattoo Idea

Guitar Tattoo Images

Guitar Tattoo

Guitar Tattoos Designs

Guitar Tattoos For Girls

Guitar Tattoos For Women

Guitar Tattoos Images

Guitar Tattoos Pictures

Guitar Tattoos

Guitar With Music Notes Tattoos

Music Guitar Tattoos

Pictures of Guitar Tattoo

Pictures of Guitar Tattoos

Tribal Guitar Tattoo Designs

Tribal Guitar Tattoo

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