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Flamingo Tattoos Designs, Ideas and Meaning

August 18th 2017

Flamengo is a beautiful bird which prefers to stand on one leg. Egyptians considered the Flamengo as a sacred bird. In Europe, the bird exemplifies love, innocence, and lightheadedness. Flamengo tattoo depicts the bird singly and in pairs. The tattoos are very much romantic. The pink color is preferable and popular with the flamingo tattoo. Although the tattoo can be worn on any part of the body, the forearm and the lower leg are the ideal choices. The tattoos create an artistic impression and are highly sublime in design. Though both men and women can wear flamingo tattoos, women will be more inclined than men.

Flamingo Heart Tattoo

Flamingo Tattoo Designs

Flamingo Tattoo Ideas

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Flamingo Tattoo

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Flamingo Tattoos

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Pictures of Flamingo Tattoos

Pink Flamingo Tattoo

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