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Eagle Tattoos Designs, Ideas and Meaning

October 20th 2013

Since the earliest of times, the eagle is a bird that has been held in great esteem across many cultures of the world. Hence it is no wonder that an eagle tattoo carries deep symbolic significance. They have been revered by the Native Americans who considered the bird to be a sign of free-spiritedness, pride, royalty and greatness. Eagles were also worshipped in ancient Greece where they were associated with the Sun God. Sometimes a tattoo may feature the eagle’s head with intense, penetrating eyes; at other times the full body of the bird may be shown with opened wings. The tattoo may resemble the eagle of the American seal with the American flag on it. Alternatively, one may also try a tribal eagle tattoo, an Aztec eagle tattoo or a Celtic eagle tattoo.

Eagle Tattoo on Chest

Traditional Eagle Tattoo

Tribal Eagle Tattoo Designs

Tribal Eagle Tattoo

Tribal Eagle Tattoos

Tattoos of Eagles

German Eagle Tattoo

Flying Eagle Tattoo

Golden Eagle Tattoo

Tattoo Eagle

Small Eagle Tattoos

Eagle Tribal Tattoo

Eagles Tattoos

Eagle Tattoos

Eagle Tattoos For Men

Eagle Tattoo Meaning

Eagle Tattoo Designs For Men

Eagle Tattoo Designs

Eagle Tattoo Drawings

Eagle Tattoo Ideas

Eagle Tattoo Images

Eagle Globe and Anchor Tattoos

Eagle Head Tattoo

Eagle Shoulder Tattoo

Eagle Snake Tattoo

Eagle Tattoo Design

Eagle Chest Tattoo

Eagle Chest Tattoos

Eagle Feather Tattoo

Eagle Feather Tattoos

Eagle Globe and Anchor Tattoo

The eagle tattoos depicted here are both majestic and beautiful, and can be worn by both sexes.

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