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Dragon Thigh Tattoo Designs, Ideas and Meaning

September 22nd 2017

The dragon symbol signifies a lot of meanings be it mythical or otherwise. In European folklore, dragons were regarded as evil creatures that had to be slain by knights. However, in China, the dragon is viewed as a symbol of prosperity and good fortune. With a lot of history behind it, dragons have emerged as a popular tattoo design. Dragon tattoos on the thigh are a form of body art. The designs are intricate and colorful. It certainly looks gorgeous. The tattoos are large and are a smart way to adorning the legs. If you get inspired by the dragon stories, go for a dragon thigh tattoo as it will lend a dashing look to your image.

Dragon On Thigh Tattoo

Dragon Tattoo On Thigh

Dragon Tattoo Thigh

Dragon Tattoos On Thigh

Dragon Thigh Tattoo Images

Dragon Thigh Tattoo Photos

Dragon Thigh Tattoo Pictures

Dragon Thigh Tattoo

Dragon Thigh Tattoos

Thigh Dragon Tattoos

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