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Bow Tattoos Designs, Ideas and Meaning

October 19th 2013

Bow tattoos are a very popular tattoo design for women. These tattoos can feature a tied or a loose bow that may or may not contain a lace. Based on the design of the bow, these tattoos can signify various things such as a giving attitude, femininity, specialty, love and gift. Bow designs can come in various shapes, sizes and colors, and you may even choose to have your very own bow tattoo design that has a special meaning for you. Some of the most popular color choices for bows include red, pink and purple. Sometimes more than a single color can be combined to create a look that is more interesting. Your bow tattoo may also feature a host of other symbols and elements, such as center pieces made of stones, diamonds, rubies or even chains.

Hello Kitty Bow Tattoo

Lace Bow Tattoo

Leg Bow Tattoos

Pink Bow Tattoo

Pretty Bow Tattoos

Cute Bow Tattoos

Bows Tattoos

Bow Wrist Tattoo

Bow Wow Tattoos

Bow Wow Tattoo

Bow Tattoos On Legs

Bow Tattoos On Wrist

Bow Tattoos

Bow Tie Tattoos

Bow Wist Tattoo

Bow Tattoo Pictures

Bow Tattoo

Bow Tattoos For Women

Bow Tattoos On Back of Legs

Bow Tattoos On Finger

Bow Leg Tattoo

Bow Tattoo Designs

Bow Tattoo Meaning

Bow Tattoo On Finger

Bow Tattoo On Wrist

Ribbon Bow Tattoo

Skull With Bow Tattoo

Small Bow Tattoos

Tattoo of Bows

Tattoos of Bows

Bow Tattoo on Ankle

Bow Tattoos for Girls

Bow Tattoos on Arm

Bow Tattoos on Back of Thigh

Bow Tattoos on Shoulder

Bow Tattoos on Thigh

The bow tattoos presented here look very feminine and graceful, and are sure to enhance your girly appeal.

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