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Anchor Tattoos for Men Designs, Ideas and Meaning

November 19th 2017

Anchor tattoos are known to have been around for hundreds of years and at one point of the time believed to have been meant for the people associated with the sea like sailors, navy personnel, fisherman, and seafarers. Anchor tattoos have remained popular among the tattoo lovers up to these days. The anchor tattoos represent different meanings to different people. For sailors, it signifies stability and strong foundation. The anchor symbol is associated with Christianity. At one point of time in history, Christians use the anchor symbol to hide the cross to evade persecution for their belief. After delving into the history of anchor tattoos, tattoo loving men will find the anchor tattoos rather alluring.

Anchor Tattoo for Men

Anchor Tattoos for Men Images

Anchor Tattoos for Men Pictures

Anchor Tattoos for Men

Anchor Tattoos Men

Men Anchor Tattoos

Mens Anchor Tattoo Designs

Mens Anchor Tattoo

Mens Anchor Tattoos

Anchor Tattoo Designs for Men

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