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Anchor Tattoo on Finger Designs, Ideas and Meaning

November 21st 2017

It was a common perception in the olden days that anchor tattoos are meant for the seafarers like sailors, navy personnel, and seamen. However, the tattoos are popular among the tattoo enthusiasts these days and mean different things to different people. For sailors, the anchor tattoos represent strong foundation and stability. It is a traditional custom among the US Navy personnel to get an anchor tattoo after they have crossed the Atlantic Ocean. The finger is a cute area to wear an anchor tattoo. The tattoos may be small and simple but are elegant and graceful too. It lends a trendy look to your image. The tattoos are a unique way to adorn the fingers.

Anchor Finger Tattoo Men

Anchor Finger Tattoo

Anchor Finger Tattoos

Anchor Inside Finger Tattoo

Anchor Tattoo Finger

Anchor Tattoo on Inside of Finger

Anchor Tattoo on Middle Finger

Anchor Tattoo on Ring Finger

Small Anchor Tattoo on Finger

White Anchor Tattoo on Finger

Anchor Tattoo on Finger Images

Anchor Tattoo on Finger Photos

Anchor Tattoo on Finger Pictures

Anchor Tattoo on Finger

Anchor Tattoos on Fingers

Finger Anchor Tattoo

Images of Anchor Tattoo on Finger

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